How did you find joy this year? We want to hear from you! : Shots - Health News It's been another tough pandemic year. Where did you find joy, delight or awe? Tell us what small corners, tiny moments, or specific rituals provide you refuge in stressful times.

How did you find joy this year? We want to hear from you!

Katherine Du/NPR
We want to hear from you! What unexpected places did you find joy this year?
Katherine Du/NPR

As we head into yet another pandemic winter, NPR's health desk is reporting a story on how to cultivate happiness and well-being amidst the collective COVID stress.

Everyone has different ways of coping. Some people break free from doom-scrolling with community volunteering or taking up creative hobbies. For others, it's been about discovering nature in the national parks, or the park around the corner.

We'd like to hear from you about how you found unexpected joy this year. How and where do you find moments of zen, serenity and awe amidst the ups and downs of pandemic life? What advice do you have to help others tap into daily sources of happiness?

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