How hypothyroidism mystifies doctors and patients : Shots - Health News When a writer started suffering from near-constant fatigue, his doctors were stumped at first. Here's his journey to understand and live with hypothyroidism, a disease that affects millions.

COMIC: What it's like living with an underactive thyroid

KFF Health News journalist Andy Miller manages the symptoms of his hypothyroidism with a daily pill. When he started researching it, he found out he is one of the lucky ones. Some people affected by the condition struggle to get a diagnosis or don't respond well to treatment. Miller interviewed endocrinologists and several patients their symptoms and experiences living with an underactive thyroid. Their stories reveal how mystifying thyroid and autoimmune conditions can be.

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Illustrations by Oona Tempest. Creative direction and editing by KFF Health News' Hannah Norman, with additional editing by Sabriya Rice. Copy editing by Terry Byrne of KFF Health News.