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Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions? We've got answers.

What is In Character?

The In Character blog is an online companion to NPR's In Character, a radio series exploring the origins and impact of unforgettable characters from American fiction. (We're interpreting "fiction" broadly: Characters from movies, TV, graphic novels, even Web serials are all fair game.) Elizabeth Blair, lead producer on the radio series, co-hosts the blog with Trey Graham, an arts producer in NPR's Digital Media unit.

Why a blog?

Because at the core of In Character is the idea that the best fictional characters reflect something about who we are and how we got here — and because we know that everybody's "we" is different. This blog is where our ideas meet yours; it's where you find out more about our thought processes, offer feedback on our character studies, and introduce your own for the community here to discuss.

It's also a place for us — and you — to offer up examples and multimedia elements (whether that's photos, video, or longer bits of audio) that just won't work on radio, or that make for interesting sidebar discussions. Got one? Send it to us.

Who can comment?

Anyone. If you are reading this, you can post a comment or submit an In Character essay.

Can I only comment about In Character?

Pretty much. Comments should be on topic for each particular blog posting. Political Junkie is over here, for those of you with a burning need to talk about the elections. (But if you want to nominate a fictional politico, this is the place.)

Do you have rules about what can or cannot be said in the comments?

Absolutely. Please see our discussion guidelines.

I've posted a comment and it was removed.

Hmmm. Maybe you should take a look at those discussion guidelines again.

Who writes the blog?

Like its radio companion, the In Character blog is a team effort. Elizabeth Blair and Trey Graham are the lead bloggers. But we're likely to have guest bloggers from time to time.

How do I know which posts are written by whom?

You'll see the author's name in italics under each post.

How often do you post new entries to the blog?

We post at least once a day, Monday through Friday.

What if I want to e-mail the In Character team privately?

Send us a message through our contact form.

Can I nominate characters for discussion on the blog or on the air?

Absolutely — that's one big reason the blog is here. There's a nomination form where you can point out characters you think rate discussion. That discussion will most likely happen here — but it could also end up on the radio.

What if someone's already nominated my character?

Then it's best if you chime in through the comments thread attached to that nomination. If you missed the original post, and use the Web form to submit an essay about a character who's already been featured on the blog, we'll add your essay to the comments. So keep an eye on the "Recent Comments" list in the right-hand sidebar.

Will blog comments be read on the air?

It's possible — all public comments are fair game, and some of what transpires here may inspire a radio piece or two before we're done. If you'd like your comment to be kept private, send it to us through our contact form and specify in the subject line that it's not for air.

Can I link to your blog?


Will you link to my blog?

We never say never. We're looking to engage in a conversation about indelible American characters; if your blog deals with arts and culture on a regular basis, and much of its content is directly relevant, it's a possibility.

Do I need to sign up to be eligible to post comments?

Not at the moment, but that may change someday as we add new community features to the Web site.