Ask and Ye Shall Receive: 'In Character' on the Web : In Character Writes commenter Je Mo:
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Ask and Ye Shall Receive: 'In Character' on the Web

Writes commenter Je Mo:

"Please add a link from the In Character blog to a page about the actual show. Or make the link more obvious, if it's there — I can't find the show."

And Mike echoes that plaintive cry:

I give up! What time of day is the "In Character" segment being broadcast. I cannot find any time listed on my local NPR station nor on the NPR web site. Can you help us out? I am particularly interested in the Lone Ranger segment, when it comes day & time for it to be broadcast.

I answered Mike in the comments the other day; basically the way NPR and NPR member stations work together means that there's not one answer to that question:

Over the next six months, In Character segments will be airing on almost all of the NPR News shows. ... Because those shows are broadcast (and re-broadcast) at different times in different [cities], it's impossible for us to tell you with any certainty when you might hear a segment. And the fact is that we don't know for certain: We've got a rough schedule, but these things are subject to fine-tuning.

The good news is that if you're reading this, you're now just one click away from every last radio story in the In Character series. As of today, there's a brand-spankin'-new page where all four of the stories that have already aired are collected for your listening pleasure.

And as our hosts and reporters serve up new on-air installments, they'll pop up on that page as well. Coming up next: Andrea Seabrook on Holden Caulfield and Robert Siegel on the Lone Ranger.

p.s.: I've added a permanent link to that series page in the blog header, on the words 'In Character.' And there's another permalink, on the same two words, in the "What is 'In Character'?" box over there in the right-hand sidebar.