Your Turn: Lisa Simpson : In Character From The Simpsons cartoon, created by Matt GroeningNominated by Katherine Duke
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Your Turn: Lisa Simpson

From The Simpsons cartoon, created by Matt Groening
Nominated by Katherine Duke

Lisa Simpson is the epitome of the gifted kid, almost too smart and too "good" for her own good. She's converted to vegetarianism, taken on corrupt politicians and polluters, and invented a perpetual-motion machine, all while acing the second grade some 20 years in a row.

Lisa's an overachiever, but she remains a little girl -- a middle child, sensitive and silly. Facing bullies and body-image problems, this saxophonist has played the blues. ("As intelligence goes up, happiness often goes down. In fact, I made a graph.")

She reads a preteen magazine called "Non-Threatening Boys." She goes wall-eyed and screams with laughter at the decidedly lowbrow "Itchy & Scratchy" cartoons. She's the brain and bleeding heart of the wacky, blundering Simpson family -- but as much as she sometimes wishes she could break away or hide it, Lisa is also a Simpson herself.