Your Turn: Captain America : In Character From Marvel Comics, created by Joe Simon and Jack KirbyNominated by Kevin Spooner
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Your Turn: Captain America

From Marvel Comics, created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby
Nominated by Kevin Spooner

Captain America.
Marvel Comics

When I think of a fictional role model and hero, I immediately find myself thinking of Captain America, as he has always seemed to be a focal lens for the issues of the day that have preoccupied our nation.

He has maintained his relevance constantly from the 1940s, when he served as a banner behind which our nation could rally to fight the Axis powers, to modern times, when he stood up to (and was subsequently martyred by) his own government for adopting invasive and unconstitutional principles.

He has always served as a symbol of strength and honor for our nation. He's the pinnacle of what an Everyman can achieve, as resilient as his unbreakable shield. Captain America captures what is truly great about us as a people.