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On Air: Mr. Spock

» Hear the 'Weekend Edition Sunday' story

Leonard Nimoy (right) as Spock and Jeffrey Hunter as Capt. Pike in the original Star Trek pilot episode. hide caption

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Mr. Spock: You think he's smart, standoffish, and sexy. But at the very beginning, NBC didn't find him quite so appealing. In fact, as Neda Ulaby reports in her In Character profile for Weekend Edition Sunday, network suits told Gene Roddenberry to "lose the Martian."

We all know how that turned out.

In Neda's piece, Leonard Nimoy explains how Spock's signature line -- "Fascinating" -- came about. Plus expert commentary on the Vulcan's enduring appeal -- from a professor at MIT, no less -- and selected excerpts from your earlier conversation about Spock here on the blog.

It's all over there on the story page. Enjoy.