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Pamela Sue Martin (left) as the teen sleuth and sidekick George Fayne, played by Jean Rasey, on the 1977-'78 The Hardy Boys Nancy Drew Mysteries TV series. Universal Studios hide caption

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With Renee Montagne's exploration of Nancy Drew we find the teenage sleuth is curious, freewheeling and, most importantly perhaps, independent.

It's the fact that she drove her Roadster over the speed limit that endeared her to comedian Fran Lebowitz and that she uncovered mysteries and did things only reporters were allowed to do that endeared her to Montagne.

Still, as cool as a maverick teenager could seem, Montagne tracked down a couple of fifth graders who found Drew's perfection grating. Just think how her car is always perfect or how polite she is to the criminals she's nabbed, says 11-year-old Zoe Dutton.

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