Coming Soon: Our New API : Inside NPR's new API will be launching sometime this week. Accompanying the API will be a new Widgets page. Stay tuned to this blog for more information.


Coming Soon: Our New API

In the next couple of days, will be launching our new API, which will be an open and extensive way for our users to share and mash-up our content. Once live, we will be adding a new link on the left nav in the Services section called "Tools / API". We are very excited about this new tool and are looking forward to the inventive ways that you will use our content! After all, there are only a few of us but millions of you...

As part of the launch, we will also be showcasing several widgets and applications that were built using the API. All of these will be found on our upcoming widgets page, which will launch with the API. Among them is a widget that maps NPR stories based on Geoff Gaudreault's Reverbiage site, and an iPhone site built by our friends at Axiom Stack.


I will post again on the day of the launch to let you all know when it is live. We will also continue to post to this blog to solicit feedback on the API.