More Cowbell: Brainstorming an NPR Music iPhone App : Inside What types of iPhone apps would you like us to develop for NPR Music?
NPR logo More Cowbell: Brainstorming an NPR Music iPhone App

More Cowbell: Brainstorming an NPR Music iPhone App

Have you seen the new iPhone application "More Cowbell?" Simply download the free app to add glorious clanking cowbell sounds to any song playing on your iPhone. Simple, clean, and oh-so entertaining.

My cowbell affections aside, the creativity and usefulness of iPhone music applications is astonishing. The Pandora application, for example, offers instant music exploration and purchasing with just a few taps on your screen.

NPR Music offers an abundance of content to encourage music discovery--exclusive live concerts, intimate studio sessions and interviews with artists and popular programs such as All
Songs Considered
and Song of the
. Working within the rights and permissions that artists and labels have generously allowed us to feature their music, we are planning to create iPhone applications that not only highlight our content, but also help users wade through the material to discover music that matters to them. It is also our goal to create something that capitalizes on the unique features of the iPhone.

Is it a program that reminds you to tune in to our live concerts as the artist takes the stage? Or a recommendation system to guide you through our thousands of artist
? Do you want the Song of the Day delivered automatically, or the ability to find local public radio music programming wherever you are?

One of our resident music experts, All Songs Considered producer Robin Hilton, posted his Top
5 iPhone Music Applications
on the All Songs Considered Blog. See if you agree with him and tell us how an NPR Music iPhone app could be added to the list.