Proposing Questions for an API FAQ : Inside It's time for us to brainstorm some questions for an FAQ about the API.
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Proposing Questions for an API FAQ

First, thanks to everybody for their API-related comments here and numerous other places. We are a bit overdue, but are working on putting up an FAQ for the API. As we have started to compile a list of questions, a common answer is emerging: We didn't want to hold the API back until everything possible was perfect. We do think the API today is very extensive and fills a void, but we also think that it will evolve as time allows, and as we respond to requests and new opportunities. As with everything else, we like to treat all our online efforts as an ongoing work-in-progress, with opportunities to get even better. But for the moment, we're very excited to see what ideas folks implement with it.

I've started a list of questions below. Please chime in with comments on what other questions you'd like see included in the API FAQ.

Why is NPR doing this?
Why aren't This American Life and Prairie Home Companion available via the API?
Why aren't Car Talk and Fresh Air included? Those are NPR shows, right?
What about content produced by my local NPR station?
How does this affect my NPR station?
Wait.... Are there major caveats to using this? What gives?
What do I need to make use of the API?
What's an easy example of how I could use this?
What was the biggest challenge in building the API?
What are the next steps for the API?

Yeah, ok, so I didn't provide answers to the above yet. Some have already been answered in this blog, but we'll get them up shortly. Thanks!

PS - For anybody attending OSCON this coming week — Dan Jacobson & Harold Neal will be doing an API presentation on Thursday. Please join us.