API Upgrade : Mix Your Own Podcast and Other New Features/Content : Inside NPR.org We have upgraded the API to include the new features and content. This launch includes Mix Your Own Podcast, a way for users to create customized podcasts based on their own preferences or search terms. It also includes a Station Finder API as w...
NPR logo API Upgrade : Mix Your Own Podcast and Other New Features/Content


API Upgrade : Mix Your Own Podcast and Other New Features/Content

Today we have some exciting new API enhancements to share with you, including Mix Your Own Podcast, a new extension that offers users an infinite number of ways to customize NPR podcasts. Here are more details about Mix Your Own Podcast as well as some of the other features and content that we launched:

Mix Your Own Podcast
Prior to this release, the API offered only streaming formats of our audio content, including Windows Media, Real Audio, and progressive download MP3. These formats were supported by a Terms of Use that required API users to stream the audio from our servers, preventing them from downloading the audio. With today's launch, however, the API now allows users to slice through the NPR.org archive to create custom podcast feeds based on virtually any aggregation (or combination of aggregations) in the API. To learn more about this, go to the NPR Podcast Directory.
Due to various current constraints, the only real exception here is that users will not be allowed to create full-show podcasts of Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Weekend Edition Saturday or Weekend Edition Sunday. However, all stories from these and other programs will be available to create any other podcast mashup in the system.

Station Finder API. With this release, we are also offering access to our Station Finder API. This API will allow users to pass in zip codes, city/state, station call letters or latitude/longitude information, and we will return a list of stations that can be heard in that location. The station results also include key information about the stations, including links to their home page, schedule page, audio streams, RSS feeds, podcasts, station logo and more. Because the system also has station stories from some of these stations (and more of this content will become available in the coming months), you will be able to, for example, search for a zip code, identify the stations in that zip code, then find all of the stories from all of the stations returned. Over the coming months, more station content will be made available through the API.

New Content: Fresh Air and StoryCorps. With this release, we are also making available the full archive of Fresh Air and StoryCorps. For Fresh Air, we will be explosing over 10,000 stories (and counting) dating back to 1993. The StoryCorps offering will include about 200 stories (and counting) dating back to 2005.

Query By Asset Type
Now you can query the API to get stories that contain a particular type of asset. For example, you can filter your query to only get stories that contain images (useful if you are building a slideshow application, for example), or stories with audio, or stories with long-form text. To use this new feature, append &requiredAssets=image to your query string and you will get only stories with images. The other allowed values for this parameter are audio and text. You can combine these filters with a comma-delimited string (&requiredAssets=image,text,audio). This new feature will be added to the documentation and the Query Generator in the next week or so. This feature does not work yet with API queries based on free-text search.

We are excited about this new release and view it as the next step in our continued effort to open up our content to the world.