API Usage : Inside NPR.org We have identified quite a few different implementations of the NPR API, ranging from putting NPR content on member station sites to flashy widgets. In this post, we share some of the usages that we have found. Comment to the blog if you know ab...
NPR logo API Usage


API Usage

As mentioned in my previous post about metrics, we have identified quite a few different usages of the API. These implementations range from incorporating NPR stories on member stations' web sites to widgets created by developers in the public. Below are some of the more interesting or comprehensive uses that we have found.

NPR Member Station Implementations

Minnesota Public Radio Program Archives

North Country Public Radio

Oregon Public Broadcasting


SouthEast Public Radio


Hearing Voices Widget

KJZZ - NPR Simile Timeline

Public User Websites, Widgets, and Applications

Reverbiage Widget

Axiom Stack iPhone Site

KDE Desktop NPR Audio Player

NPR Backstory Twitter Mashup

RubyNPR - A code wrapper in Ruby

All Tweets Considered

NPR Song of the Day Widget for Mac OSX Dashboard

NPR Audio Search Box FireFox Plug-In

If you have created something using the API and it is not included in this list, please let us know about it by adding it in the comments of this post.