Seeking Feedback for SXSW API Session : Inside Daniel Jacobson will on a panel at SXSW talking about APIs. This session will be on Sunday at 3:30pm. As we prepare for this panel, we would like to know what you want us to discuss.
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Seeking Feedback for SXSW API Session

As mentioned in Zach's previous post, I will be part of a panel at SXSW. The panel discussion will be on APIs, is called "Get Me Rewrite! Developing APIs and the Changing Face of News", and is on Sunday at 3:30pm. For more information on the panel, go to the SXSW page for this panel.

The panel moderator is Jacob Harris, from The New York Times. Joining the discussion will be Brad Stenger from Wired, and John Donovan from Daylife.

We will have a substantial time set aside for Q&A although prior to the Q&A we will be addressing many of the challenges in producing and maintaining APIs. That said, there are myriad things we can focus on when discussing APIs...

So, please let us know what is most on your mind. What kinds of questions do you want this panel to answer? Are you interested in technical background, business goals, legal issues, getting corporate buy-in, the marketplace for APIs, etc.? We will be using this feedback to refine our topics accordingly as we finish preparing for the session.