The Relaunch, As Seen On Twitter : Inside Despite the fact that everyone on the relaunch team was running around like lunatics for 14 hours Sunday, we still managed to tweet about the experience and receive constructive real-time feedback from the public.

The Relaunch, As Seen On Twitter

Zelda the pug, the unofficial mascot of the relaunch, made numerous appearances in our @nprtechteam Twitter feed during the rollout. Callie Neylan/NPR hide caption

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Callie Neylan/NPR

Zelda the pug, the unofficial mascot of the relaunch, made numerous appearances in our @nprtechteam Twitter feed during the rollout.

Callie Neylan/NPR

Yesterday's relaunch of was the culmination of a 15-month odyssey involving dozens of NPR staff. We were so eager to roll out the new site, we decided to tweet about the experience. What started as a series of occasional updates, though, became a 12-hour marathon of more than 150 tweets that made it possible for the public to get involved in the rollout process.

Until recently, our use of Twitter to talk about behind-the-scenes tech activities was confined to various NPR Digital Media staff discussing their work on their personal accounts. As the months passed, though, we began to notice how many people on Twitter would inquire about new features or — let's be honest - problems with the site. So earlier this summer, we set up a new Twitter account, @nprtechteam, to serve as a liaison with the public about the back-end of the Web site.

As we started work on the relaunch yesterday morning, Daniel Jacobson and I began to post tweets talking about various aspects of the rollout, from tech-heavy explanations about each phase of the process ("Date formats are incompatible. Need SET NLS_DATE_FORMAT before executing the script") to behind-the-scenes snapshots capturing the vibe at NPR HQ ("We now have an official relaunch mascot. Amy Schriefer brought her pug to work today. She's going straight for the bagels."). Twitter users seemed to appreciate the play-by-play, as the account grew from around 400 users to over 1,000 over the course of the day. (And we're already at 1,200 subscribers today, too.) Much of the feedback we received focused on the transparency of the process, keeping users apprised of each step. This held true for NPR staff as well; given the relative chaos of the launch and the more than 50 people involved, the Twitter account served as a news feed for everyone internally trying to keep tabs on the rollout.

The most important aspect of tweeting the rollout is continuing right now — getting immediate feedback on what's working and what's not. Unlike some of the other customer service mechanisms we have, Twitter can act like a real-time chat room, allowing us to have a back-and-forth with people to sort out specific problems and document them for the development team in case they require a bug report.

And let's not forget that Twitter can help us out when things aren't going as planned. Soon after our initial rollout at 10:30pm ET, our servers began to experience serious load strain, requiring that we pull back and roll out the new site across the Internet incrementally. Not surprisingly, we started to observe people on Twitter tweeting that they liked the site, while others replied to them saying they couldn't access it. We immediately began to reach out to Twitter users through a number of NPR Twitter accounts, letting them know what was going on and encouraging them to follow @NPRTechTeam for updates. What could have ended up being a lot of confusion within the Twitterverse mitigated itself rather well because we were open about the situation and had a conduit to explain how it would be resolved. Twitter users, meanwhile, retweeted our updates, passing along these status reporters to a wider community of people.

For those of you who didn't follow our Tweet stream in real time last night, you missed quite a ride. You can find a transcript of our tweets below, recorded for posterity. More than a few people commented on how it felt like watching NASA prep for a shuttle launch. While that may be a bit of an exaggeration, we appreciate the sentiment nonetheless. :-)

  • We at about to shut down our internal systems to commence the deployment... Let the fun begin! (dj)
    Sunday, July 26 11:16:32
  • Shutting down our internal systems kinda feels like killing the engine in mid flight. :-) It's all good, though. / @acarvin
    Sunday, July 26 11:18:46
  • For the deployment, we have configured a secondary array of servers. We will deploy to those servers first, behind the firewall...
    Sunday, July 26 11:19:46
  • After testing and confirming that the site and tools look good, we will change our DNS to point to the new servers. (dj)
    Sunday, July 26 11:20:12
  • Not only will this give us a more stable public launch, it gives us an easy rollback option (not that we will need it). (dj)
    Sunday, July 26 11:20:51
  • You can tell it's a weekend because there are a surprising number of people who showed up to work in shorts, myself included. / @acarvin
    Sunday, July 26 11:29:41
  • I smell matches and Sterno. Someone must be setting up lunch for the launch crew. / @acarvin
    Sunday, July 26 11:42:19
  • We are now backing up the live database, just in case. Should take about 30 minutes. Then the real fun begins! (@daniel_jacobson)
    Sunday, July 26 11:49:17
  • We now have an official relaunch mascot. Amy Schriefer brought her pug to work today. She's going straight for the bagels. / ac
    Sunday, July 26 12:00:45
  • @WordlessChorus: We have a preview video on our Inside blog, / @acarvin
    Sunday, July 26 12:01:20
  • RT @acarvin: Good food for the relaunch
    Sunday, July 26 12:25:51
  • @jonforeman: You've gotta hand it to @zbrand for getting Vappiano's to cater for the relaunch. Dee-lish. / @acarvin
    Sunday, July 26 12:32:11
  • Database backup is complete. Now we are in the middle of the migration. (@daniel_jacobson)
    Sunday, July 26 12:41:22
  • Database migration is finished. Now, working on the code migration scripts. (@daniel_jacobson)
    Sunday, July 26 12:43:25
  • Pic: @daniel_jacobson and the relaunch mascot:
    Sunday, July 26 12:46:20
  • Pic: @jen2e leads a final pep talk before a last round of testing prior to relaunch:
    Sunday, July 26 12:46:50
  • Migration scripts are now done. We will start to install the code on the internal servers. (@daniel_jacobson)
    Sunday, July 26 12:53:02
  • We're in a holding pattern til 1pm ET, at which point we do a speed round of final testing. / @acarvin
    Sunday, July 26 12:55:16
  • There are more than 50 people on hand today to bring you the relaunch, plus one pug. And they're now full of yummy Italian food. / @acarvin
    Sunday, July 26 12:56:56
  • We've all got our test assignments ready to go, back end and front end - general design, blogs, community, API, search, player, etc. / ac
    Sunday, July 26 12:58:19
  • Someone posted my pug pic to the in-house relaunch status page. Nice. My guess is @jen2e. / ac
    Sunday, July 26 13:01:53
  • Once code is installed, we will do an analysis to see find critical issues. If none, we will start our QA process. (@daniel_jacobson)
    Sunday, July 26 13:06:09
  • Zelda, the relaunch mascot
    Sunday, July 26 13:07:56
  • More of us confabbing in our final pre-launch meeting.
    Sunday, July 26 13:08:47
  • @adamjmartin just started blasting Carly Simon's "Anticipation," so I retorted with Tom Petty's "The Waiting." / @acarvin
    Sunday, July 26 13:11:56
  • @RossDallas: actually, we're launching this afternoon. Tomorrow's the first full day with the live site. / @acarvin
    Sunday, July 26 13:12:22
  • Hit a minor DNS snag in our code build. Issue was with Previewing in our CMS. Resolving now, then will press on. (@daniel_jacobson)
    Sunday, July 26 13:20:55
  • Code install is complete. DNS issue resolved. Now doing a few more migration scripts before analysis and QA. (@daniel_jacobson)
    Sunday, July 26 13:24:33
  • Actually, that issue from before was not about Preview. But I won't bore you with the details... (@daniel_jacobson)
    Sunday, July 26 13:30:42
  • About to crack open my third Coke Zero and it's not even 2pm yet. Reminds me of election day. @acarvin
    Sunday, July 26 13:35:56
  • We are moving a lot of data in our migration scripts. Taking longer than expected in the live env. @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 13:44:58
  • Final stages of migration before the QA starts. Taking longer than expected... @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 14:13:51
  • As we wait to roll out our own site, be sure to check out WBUR's new site, which just launched today as well:
    Sunday, July 26 14:18:03
  • Finally, the image script is done! A few more that should be pretty quick. Hope to be testing in 10 minutes. @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 14:18:08
  • Last migration script to be run now. Then testing! @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 14:19:52
  • Waiting for the all-clear from @daniel_jacobson to start pre-launch testing. / @acarvin
    Sunday, July 26 14:20:32
  • Snack food galore; perfect for site testing. / @acarvin
    Sunday, July 26 14:30:33
  • Small glitch with our final script. Date formats are incompatible. Need SET NLS_DATE_FORMAT before executing the script... @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 14:32:48
  • Date format glitch resolved. Now doing the final burn of XML files. @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 14:38:46
  • Mmm, Nutter Butters....
    Sunday, July 26 14:43:21
  • @Neylano is offering a great photographic play-by-play of the redesign team:
    Sunday, July 26 14:44:59
  • XML files are the foundation of the site and the API, allowing us to run the entire system without much database activity. @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 14:45:17
  • We are now burning the XML files for all stories created between the time we did our big batch burn (last week) and now. @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 14:46:31
  • @Neylano is now stocking our pod with her iPhone. / @acarvin
    Sunday, July 26 14:49:10
  • Scratch that - @neylano is _stalking_ us, not _stocking_ us, with her iPhone. We're not part of a supply chain, of course. / @acarvin
    Sunday, July 26 14:50:24
  • To get a sense of what the relaunch sounds like, here's what @jonforeman is playing next door: African Dance Party.
    Sunday, July 26 14:53:29
  • Best pic yet of relaunch mascot, Zelda the Pug, courtesy of @Neylano:
    Sunday, July 26 14:55:35
  • The benefit to not having the system ready for testing yet is that the testers have not logged any bugs yet! @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 14:59:37
  • Ugh! File permission issues with the reburn process. Recursive chown scripts executing now. Then rerun the burn scripts. @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 15:17:05
  • Killing time prior to launch testing by blasting some Fela Kuti: / @acarvin
    Sunday, July 26 15:31:42
  • Finally solved the file permissions problems. Now working on the database connection problem... @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 15:39:48
  • Ok! We are now ready for our high-level testing to begin. Hopefully there are no blockers! @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 15:55:57
  • Staging site is working with the database, but some pages don't see the right XML files. Trying to figure it out now... @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 16:03:16
  • Hmm.. The XML issues could be a MemCache problem. Maybe not. The team is figuring it out now. @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 16:06:26
  • Ha! It was a MemCache issue. It was pointing to the wrong repository. @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 16:11:38
  • Testing is a little annoying right now. The page-level MemCache layer gets populated by each new page view. @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 16:13:52
  • That means that each page is slow for me, so it can be fast for you! @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 16:14:16
  • Just got the go-ahead from @daniel_jacobson: let the testing begin! / @acarvin
    Sunday, July 26 16:18:09
  • Yeah! The site is ready for full internal testing! We are getting close! @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 16:18:23
  • @zbrand just played the theme to Rocky over the PA system, followed by a terse "Commence testing." / @acarvin
    Sunday, July 26 16:18:50
  • First major issue found: Media player is pointing to the wrong API domain. (Good thing the site is still internal) @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 16:24:48
  • Testing the new site's social media features. Logging in is no problem, but registration email not getting sent. Checking into it. / ac
    Sunday, July 26 16:33:03
  • Player issues solved. Next on the list... Performance and some browser-compatibility issues issues with our CMS. @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 16:43:46
  • Now working on fixing missing image files for our stations. @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 16:46:06
  • Still no luck with registration email, but have been able to log in and post comments without problems. / @acarvin
    Sunday, July 26 16:47:29
  • Looks like the registration email problem has been fixed; now checking out the blogging software. / @acarvin
    Sunday, July 26 16:54:28
  • Thankfully, some of the CMS issues we have encountered are solved by clearing the browser cache. @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 16:54:35
  • Testing is going well. We have some snags, but overall, the site looks good. Not quite ready for the DNS switch-over. @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 17:00:45
  • Excellent! The new image enlargement function on the new site works like a charm! @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 17:01:48
  • Testing out the embeddable player; yes, you'll be able to embed individual NPR audio and video stories into ur blogs and such. / @acarvin
    Sunday, July 26 17:03:54
  • The new "drawer" drop downs for Programs and Listen work great too! @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 17:05:53
  • Trying the embeddable player in the wild - posting it on a super secret blog. Wouldn't you like to know. / @acarvin
    Sunday, July 26 17:10:18
  • Of all the new features, I'm more excited about our new embeddable player than anything else. It's basic, but it works. @acarvin
    Sunday, July 26 17:14:32
  • Station image files are back! @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 17:15:04
  • Lots of people are rebooting their computers to remount the proper drives for publishing photos. / @acarvin
    Sunday, July 26 17:19:22
  • @WDMARKPC: content's the same, but easier to use; we're adding transcripts and embeddable media players, among other features. / @acarvin
    Sunday, July 26 17:25:34
  • @AmyStephen: We have an in-house CMS built by the @nprtechteam, affectionately known as Seamus. / @acarvin
    Sunday, July 26 17:26:08
  • Hopefully, we are close to graduating from "critical" testing to "major" testing. The D Team is meeting in a few to decide. @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 17:30:13
  • @AmyStephen: ask us after the launch. Too complex to summarize in 140 tweets. / @acarvin
    Sunday, July 26 17:32:05
  • @AmyStephen Would love to open source Seamus. That requires us to abstract the code to be portable, so not sure when. @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 17:32:39
  • @AmyStephen Regarding other CMS's, I will do a blog post about that soon. Stay tuned...
    Sunday, July 26 17:32:56
  • @AmyStephen: Never mind. Thought @daniel_jacobson was too tied up to offer a short answer, but there you have it. :-) / @acarvin
    Sunday, July 26 17:33:35
  • @AmyStephen The API isn't new (been out for over a year). But let us know if you have any feedback on it! @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 17:46:07
  • Big problems that remain: Layout tool problem in our CMS (logs some users out) and API publishing problem. @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 17:47:46
  • In the major testing phase prior to going live. On my six can of Diet Coke/Coke Zero; listening to Dirty Projector's Temecula Sunrise. /ac
    Sunday, July 26 17:55:41
  • @AmyStephen: we're hoping there will be some coverage of the site rollout, too. For example, this post from @robpatrob:
    Sunday, July 26 17:58:01
  • @AmyStephen: though this story from @mashable is a personal favorite: / @acarvin
    Sunday, July 26 17:58:44
  • Head's up: registration/login on may not work while we roll out the new site. Will post the all-clear once it's live. / @acarvin
    Sunday, July 26 18:00:22
  • We are now in "major" testing. Aside from the two problems mentioned before, we are now looking for non-critical issues. @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 18:00:33
  • Well, clearly my projection of being live to the world at 4pm was off. Hit some unexpected snags. Making progress though. @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 18:02:20
  • Cool thing about testing the new site is seeing some of the new interactives, like game matching audio of NPR personalities to their pics.
    Sunday, July 26 18:03:21
  • So what does everyone think of all of this live-tweeting we've been doing about today's launch? Has it been interesting/useful? / @acarvin
    Sunday, July 26 18:04:51
  • @catekustanczy: what do you mean by your own material?
    Sunday, July 26 18:05:28
  • And just to state the obvious, once the new site goes live, please reply to us if you experience any probs or have questions about it. / ac
    Sunday, July 26 18:06:31
  • I hesitate to provide another projection for release time. Better to release as good as possible than as fast as possible. @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 18:07:19
  • @catekustanczy: got it; wasn't sure if there was a specific feature you were asking for. Thanks for clarifying. / @acarvin
    Sunday, July 26 18:08:36
  • @rafatali: thanks, Rafat... If all goes well, the site will be live later this evening, knock on wood (or server rack). / @acarvin
    Sunday, July 26 18:10:29
  • @rlengland: well, we only do this once every gazillion years, so it's not like you'll see this volume from us all the time. :-) / @acarvin
    Sunday, July 26 18:12:04
  • @minterda: thanks... we're always happy to maintain a certain amount of #geekcred whenever possible. :-) / @acarvin
    Sunday, July 26 18:13:51
  • @rlengland: do you mean will it be compatible using Linux browsers? / @acarvin
    Sunday, July 26 18:16:47
  • Still hitting snags with the layout tool in the CMS. Dropped cookies resulting in logging out the user... @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 18:18:36
  • Could be problem with AJAX, session handling, proxy server, browser, PC config, or worse, something we haven't considered! @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 18:19:40
  • @rlengland: lemme see if I can get one of our sysadmins to answer that, as they're probably using a Linux box to navigate the site. / ac
    Sunday, July 26 18:21:41
  • @AmyStephen Caching what? I may have missed the earlier part of this tweet string. @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 18:31:30
  • Harold solved the API publishing problem! @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 18:32:11
  • Still having issues with the Layout tool. @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 18:32:39
  • @jonforeman, @akmcquade: it's just @acarvin and @daniel_jacobson tonight. We didn't want to overburden our coders. / ac
    Sunday, July 26 18:38:14
  • @AmyStephen You mean browser-level caching? Already did that. Plus, problem happens on all browsers for those that have it. @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 18:45:13
  • Music home page problem is solved! Thanks Joanne! Support files weren't moved over. @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 18:47:39
  • @AmyStephen Thanks for the suggestion! Could be. We are checking it out. Why would this happen for only some users though? @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 18:48:58
  • I smell pizza. / @acarvin
    Sunday, July 26 18:49:24
  • At last, time for pizza. The time really deserves a break. @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 18:49:27
  • I shouldn't be surprised that as soon as people started grabbing the pepperoni pizzas, the pug returned from her nap. / @acarvin
    Sunday, July 26 18:52:18
  • @supertoyz: already did:
    Sunday, July 26 18:54:40
  • @Mariahendry: my personal preference is onion and pineapple pizza, but that's just me. / @acarvin
    Sunday, July 26 18:58:01
  • @categio: that's because we're live-tweeting the rollout of the new site. It's just for today. / ac
    Sunday, July 26 19:03:00
  • We think we have a fix for the metrics problem for the media player. Testing now! @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 19:03:34
  • Hmm. Maybe getting somewhere with the Layout tool diagnosis... @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 19:19:18
  • Problem happens on my laptop when VPN'ed in, but not when on ethernet at my desk. Is it tied to the network connection? @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 19:20:17
  • @marcOmatic Our CMS is home-grown. Java/JSP/Struts for the content management. Outward-facing products render in PHP5. @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 19:21:16
  • @_Baylink: we're going to do that on the Inside blog as soon as the new site goes live. / @acarvin
    Sunday, July 26 19:29:54
  • @dubigbob The site itself is coded in PHP5. @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 19:34:20
  • @_Baylink: oh, sorry, thought you were responding to a different post. / ac
    Sunday, July 26 19:35:56
  • We have a working theory now. CMS session issues could be tied to session binding in Apache. Testing now. @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 19:39:09
  • Nice to see we've doubled our follower count from 420 yesterday to 950 right now. Wonder if we'll break 1000 by launch. / @acarvin
    Sunday, July 26 19:44:50
  • @Bibliomom: thanks... It's taking a little longer than we'd hoped but we'll get the job done. / @acarvin
    Sunday, July 26 19:50:59
  • Have a coding fix for the Layout tool problem (after only three hours.. ugh!). Now, to tag, ANT and test. @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 20:00:28
  • Closing in on 10 hours for this launch. Looking forward to seeing the end result! @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 20:01:45
  • @jeff318: We use Jira for bug tracking and Confluence for documentation. / @acarvin
    Sunday, July 26 20:11:17
  • @jeff318 We just set up the full Atlassian suite of tools. We use Jira for bugs. Love it! Previously, Bugzilla. @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 20:25:13
  • The code fix did not work. Now working on load-balance config changes. This should take care of the problem (I hope)! @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 20:27:21
  • Yeah! The problem was with the load balancer. Eliminated the LB and we are serving from a single instance. Problem solved! @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 20:49:19
  • @jeff318 We will post to soon with our view of Atlassian, our implementation and why. @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 20:50:49
  • Looks like everyone's hard work is starting to pay off. Things are falling into place. / @acarvin
    Sunday, July 26 21:02:24
  • Got our fingers crossed we'll be live with the new site within the hour. No promises, though. / @acarvin
    Sunday, July 26 21:03:43
  • Great progress in the last 30 minutes. Hope to be live in the next 30 minutes or so. @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 21:04:10
  • @jthardy Hardware. Both BigIP and NetScaler.
    Sunday, July 26 21:05:44
  • Editorial team is gonna work to populate the new site with more stories over the next 45 mins, then we're going to huddle for update. / ac
    Sunday, July 26 21:17:31
  • Took a quick break from launch prep on the NPR roof to watch the shuttle and space station fly over DC. Pretty cool.
    Sunday, July 26 21:34:02
  • NYTimes story on our pending relaunch:
    Sunday, July 26 21:36:31
  • @johnmill79: the site isn't live yet; hope to have it up this evening.
    Sunday, July 26 21:53:22
  • Preparing the site with the latest news stories. Meeting in five minutes to make a call. @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 22:11:50
  • NYTimes article about NPR's upcoming redesign launch (tonight) -
    Sunday, July 26 22:15:59
  • In the home stretch! Site should be live in the next 10 minutes. Finishing touches to the content. @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 22:23:07
  • Fingers crossed we may actually launch this popsicle very soon. Would help if all of you crossed your fingers, too, though. / @acarvin
    Sunday, July 26 22:23:18
  • Just broke the 1000 follower mark! Thanks for the interest, all. @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 22:23:40
  • For those of you who are nostalgic about these sorts of things, I suggest grabbing some screen shots of the site before we retire it. / ac
    Sunday, July 26 22:25:37
  • NPR Redesign is live! Congratulations to all who helped! @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 22:31:14
  • Go check out the new NPR web site at @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 22:31:29
  • Someone just played Diana Ross' "I'm Coming Out" over the PA system. Today, at least, it's a reference to the new website. / @acarvin
    Sunday, July 26 22:31:52
  • Please welcome the new! / @acarvin
    Sunday, July 26 22:33:33
  • Woah, Nellie! Got some server load issues going on. They're paring back for a moment to sort it out. / ac
    Sunday, July 26 22:37:26
  • Switched back for a few to add another caching layer for performance. Will be switched to the new site again shortly. @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 22:40:54
  • @MickiMaynard: yep, not everyone is seeing the new site yet. Lots of server congestion. Hang tight, they're working on it. / @acarvin
    Sunday, July 26 22:42:05
  • For those of you who can't access the site, just pretend we're broadcasting a John Cage performance and hang tight. :-) / @acarvin
    Sunday, July 26 22:44:12
  • @AliAkbar: follow this twitter account for updates as we sort things out.
    Sunday, July 26 22:45:05
  • New site will be back up soon. Need to add file-based caching for heavy traffic RSS and podcast feeds to protect the DB. @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 22:47:12
  • @MickiMaynard: and we're just as sleep deprived, too. / ac
    Sunday, July 26 22:47:41
  • @AMisimovic: we've been posting all day about our updates so people know exactly what the situation is. Better than being silent, we think.
    Sunday, July 26 22:48:53
  • @btx91: we reverted back to the old site while balancing server loads. It'll look different once it's fully live. /ac
    Sunday, July 26 22:52:02
  • What are you seeing right now at Old site? New site? No site? / ac
    Sunday, July 26 22:54:20
  • Okay, hang tight. Hopefully the new one will start to shine through fairly soon. / ac
    Sunday, July 26 22:56:00
  • Still making some caching tweaks. Give us another few minutes. @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 23:02:10
  • Sounds like some people are still seeing the old sight, some the new one. Hang tight...
    Sunday, July 26 23:06:37
  • @yayayarndiva Reverted back for a little to better handle caching and performance. @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 23:09:11
  • Just to keep us on our toes, looks like the AC has shut down for the night. / @acarvin
    Sunday, July 26 23:14:17
  • Hopefully the new site should be live for many of you now. It's propagating slowly, so it may take some time to see it.
    Sunday, July 26 23:38:00
  • Doing some final testing but gonna call it a night. Gotta be back here in about eight hours. / @acarvin
    Sunday, July 26 23:42:34
  • ok, all, it is live again! check out the NPR site at @daniel_jacobson
    Sunday, July 26 23:52:31