Introducing The NPR Gadget For iGoogle : Inside NPR has released its first gadget for iGoogle. Powered by the NPR API, it allows iGoogle users a convenient way to access and experience NPR content.
NPR logo Introducing The NPR Gadget For iGoogle


Introducing The NPR Gadget For iGoogle

Please welcome the latest NPR API-powered app: it's the NPR gadget for iGoogle. You can check out the gadget for yourself by adding it to your iGoogle page.

Produced in collaboration with Google, the gadget offers maximum convenience to iGoogle users since content can be consumed entirely within iGoogle. It is possible to scan headlines, listen to audio, read stories, share stories, set up custom feeds, display the headlines of a favorite topic and even play the 'Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!' news quiz all within the confines of a customized iGoogle page.

Most of the items displayed in the gadget are delivered via the NPR API: headlines, story text, story audio and related story links. Items that don't make use of the API are the The Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! quiz which is driven by a custom XML document, the sponsorship banner powered by JavaScript and the hourly news and program stream which are direct links to an mp3 file and stream respectively. Stories in the gadget can also be shared with friends — this is powered by iGoogle's latest social features.

Here are some screen shots of the gadget:

Home View

gadget home view

Canvas View

gadget home view

Story View

gadget home view


gadget home view