PubCampOhio Comes to Columbus May 8 : Inside PubCampOhio, a BarCamp-style unconference about collaboration between public radio stations and their communities, is coming up May 8 in Columbus.
NPR logo PubCampOhio Comes to Columbus May 8

PubCampOhio Comes to Columbus May 8

I'm pleased to share the news that the first local PublicMediaCamp this year will take place on Saturday, May 8 in Columbus, Ohio. PubCampOhio, hosted by NPR member station WOSU, is a free, day-long gathering of public media enthusiasts, techies, station staff and others interested in developing collaborative projects.

Like the national PubCamp we held in DC last fall, PubCampOhio will be a BarCamp-like unconference. This means that anyone who wants to lead a session can show up that morning and propose it. So far, people have proposed a number of sessions related to citizen journalism and collaborative editorial activities, and we're likely to have other sessions related to open source software, mobilizing online volunteers and the like. And if enough techies show up, perhaps we'll even have a hackathon of some sort, depending on everyone's interests. Check out the list of proposed topics and feel free to propose one of your own if you're planning to attend.

If you're within easy reach of Columbus and care about strengthening public media, I highly encourage you to attend. We still have around 50 slots available, and registration is free. Hope to see you there!