NPR Communications All A-Twitter at @NPR : Inside NPR Communications joins the Twitterverse at @NPR.
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NPR Communications All A-Twitter at @NPR

Just about every day, someone in the NPR Communications team finds something new and interesting about NPR or its people, and says “our audience would love to know about this!”  Because of the work we do, we’re in a unique position to learn about news, information, comments, pieces by others and insider stuff that is funny or unexpected, occasionally poignant or even remarkable.  For these surprising and unexpected nuggets of news, we figured 140 characters says it best. It's time for Twitter.

Before launching our Twitter efforts, we consulted Andy Carvin (aka @acarvin) of NPR's social media desk. In addition to having great advice and insight on how best to use Twitter for our purposes, Andy offered to give the keys to one of NPR’s official Twitter accounts to our team: specifically the @npr account.

Along with the 100 or so NPR staff who are on Twitter, NPR has a variety of  official twitter accounts, like @nprnews, @nprpolitics, @morningedition and @nprfreshair, which offer links to the latest news and feature stories, as well as a chance to interact with NPR News staff. We suspect, however, that many NPR enthusiasts are a little like us, and might like to also get tweets that offer even more behind-the-scenes peeks, factual or fun tidbits about NPR and its people, and perhaps even a few random humorous office moments.

Why are we doing this? It’s our nature to want to share and communicate. We also want to connect more directly with the NPR audience and people who are simply curious about NPR beyond our newsroom tweeting. Maybe you'll learn something and we'll learn something and have some fun doing it.

How often can you expect to hear from us? A lot of information flows through our corridor, so you’ll probably hear from us a couple of times a day. Our publicist Emerson Brown (@NPRemerson) will manage @npr, but you can expect other team members to join the conversation from time to time.  So you will probably hear from me, head of Communications and External Relations (@NPRDanaRehm); our two senior media relations managers: Anna Christopher (@NPRanna), and Danielle Deabler (@NPRDeabs); our internal communications manager Emily Littleton; and head of creative services Kathie Miller (@NPRKathie).

So starting today, the @npr account transitions to NPR Communications and you should begin to notice changes in the frequency and content of tweets from it.  You can expect us to share the best morsels with you while also continuing to give you the bits you’ve enjoyed gleaning from this account in the past. Also, we welcome your feedback, so feel free to shoot us @ replies about the types of tweets you enjoy most, or anything else you'd like share with us.

Find out more about NPR, 140 characters (or less) at a time at @npr.