NPR In Your Living Room, From The Palm Of Your Hand : Inside Stream audio straight from your iPhone, iPod or iPad to your Apple TV. Bringing NPR into your living room in a whole new way.

NPR In Your Living Room, From The Palm Of Your Hand

If you've ever wanted to connect your iPhone, iPod or iPad to the audiophile heaven that is your living room without cords or adapters, then it's time to get excited.

With the release of iOS 4.3 on Apple's mobile offerings, you can stream media content from apps on your iDevice to any setup hooked into a WiFi-enabled Apple TV. Both the NPR News and NPR Music iPhone apps will have this capability, as will as NPR for iPad.

But enough hype. How do you get Robert Siegel's voice of rich mahogany into your speakers? Let's walk through it. And don't panic; it's actually quite easy.

Before we can get to the good stuff, you will need to update both your mobile device and your Apple TV with the latest software. Once you've updated to iOS 4.3 and Apple TV software version 3, connect both devices to the same wireless network. You will need the latest version of your NPR app, as well.

With all the new software in place, you are ready to embark on your new Airplay-enabled NPR experience.

An example of enabling airplay inside the NPR News app. NPR hide caption

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An example of enabling airplay inside the NPR News app.


Turn on your TV and select the appropriate input for the Apple TV. While that is loading, launch the NPR app of choice on your iPhone or iPad and select a story to hear. As the piece begins to play, you should see the familiar audio controls appear with an additional button - It's a white rectangle and a triangle, which together look sort of like a TV - this is the Airplay icon. If your Apple TV has finished booting up, tap the Airplay icon. You should be prompted with a dialogue box. Select Apple TV to begin streaming NPR from your iDevice.

Sit back and enjoy.

You should hear the story start to play almost instantly over the speakers connected to the Apple TV. The Airplay icon in the NPR app will be highlighted blue. While active, you're small screen will function kind of like a remote control. To disconnect, simply tap the button, and when prompted with the dialogue box again, select your device instead of the TV.

As of right now, Airplay video won't work in NPR apps. But expect to see an update enabling this feature soon.

Need more info? Visit our mobile page or you can learn more about iOS 4.3 from Apple.