Karl Rove Makes Democrats' Case Against Christine O'Donnell, Again : It's All Politics Karl Rove continued to provide Democrats with ammunition to use against Christine O'Donnell, the GOP nominee for a Senate seat from Delaware.
NPR logo Karl Rove Makes Democrats' Case Against Christine O'Donnell, Again

Karl Rove Makes Democrats' Case Against Christine O'Donnell, Again

Karl Rove is making sure the character questions surrounding Christine O'Donnell, the new Republican Senate nominee from Delaware, get a full airing.

On primary night, and again on Wednesday, Rove said O'Donnell has a litany of questions to answer about her personal finances and that we'll learn over the the next few weeks whether she can answer them adequately for Delaware's voters.

An excerpt from Rove's appearance Wednesday on Fox News where he's a contributor:

ROVE: I think she's right on the issues but I think the voters of Delaware are not going to want to know just if you're right on the issues but if you have the character and record and background that gives me that you're the right person for the job.

ANCHOR: Do you think she's not electable?

ROVE: Well, look, that's gonna be proven. What I said last night is she has to answer these troubling questions. It's not enough, she said 'Look, I'm puzzled as to why the IRS put a lien on me.' Well you don't have an IRS lien put on for you taxes that you failed to pay in 2005 five years later unless you haven't paid your taxes.

She said it was a technical mistake by the bank why her house was the subject of a foreclosure lawsuit that she lost. And her house was put up for sale at a sheriff's sale. And just before the sheriff's sale, she sold the house, on which she owed $90,000 on, she sold if to (sic) $135,000 to her boyfriend who was also her campaign advisor. I mean, people are going to want to these...

He continued in this vein with more questions in her finances and honesty.

All this makes me wonder if the Democratic nominee, Chris Coons, even needs an opposition-research staff. Maybe Coons should just Tivo all of Rove's Fox News appearances?

Something about O'Donnell really seems to rub Rove the wrong way. Could it be that O'Donnell is supported by Sarah Palin and that the former Alaska governor and Rove are well known to be not be each other's biggest fans, to put it diplomatically.

It sure doesn't seem like it's O'Donnell's embrace by the Tea Party since groups he's linked to has run ads supporting the Tea Party candidate in the Nevada Senate race, Sharron Angle, in her contest against Democratic Senate Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid.

In that race, however, it may be bad blood between Rove and Reid that explains the Republican political strategists' support for Angle as much as anything.

If nothing else, it's really a fascinating turn of events.