NRA Endorses 14 House Democrats Over Republicans : It's All Politics The NRA has backed 14 of 20 Democrats in tough House races, choosing to back pro-gun incumbents over challengers when the current officeholders views align with the advocacy group's.

NRA Endorses 14 House Democrats Over Republicans

The NRA has earned a reputation over the decades as a pro-gun advocacy group that's solidly in the Republican camp.

But in what will no doubt come as a surprise to many, the organization is endorsing 14 House Democrats in close races because their Second Amendment views line up with the with those of the gun-rights group.

It's an unwelcome move as far as Republicans are concerned. They've come to take NRA endorsements of their candidates as a given.

The Washington Post reports the NRA's policy in recent years is to support incumbents when their positions on gun rights are similar to the NRA's and their challengers.

That approach favors more than a dozen Democrats in tough races this year, according to the WaPo.

An excerpt:

Although the NRA's agenda usually aligns with that of the GOP, the powerful group also adheres to what it calls "an incumbent-friendly" policy: If an incumbent and a challenger candidate have equally strong records protecting gun rights, the incumbent gets the endorsement, regardless of party.

The result: Of the 20 most endangered incumbent House Democrats in the country - based on race ratings by The Washington Post's "The Fix" - 14 have received the endorsement of the NRA's Political Victory Fund.