Dick Cheney Didn't Apologize To Man He Shot: Wash Post : It's All Politics Despite getting no apology, Harry Whittington, the man shot by the former vice president in a hunting accident, isn't bitter. Instead, the 82-year old lawyer is just glad to be alive to enjoy what, from all appearances, is a very comfortable life.
NPR logo Dick Cheney Didn't Apologize To Man He Shot: Wash Post

Dick Cheney Didn't Apologize To Man He Shot: Wash Post

Harry Whittington on his hospital release, February 2006. Paul Iverson/AP Photo hide caption

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Paul Iverson/AP Photo

Harry Whittington, the man former Vice President Dick Cheney peppered with birdshot in that 2006 hunting accident, didn't exactly tell the Washington Post that Cheney never apologized for nearly killing him.

But the Austin, Texas lawyer and octogenarian did nothing to dissuade Paul Farhi, the WaPo reporter, from concluding that Cheney, indeed, didn't apologize after shooting him in an accident that left Whittington more seriously wounded than the initial reports and the jokes about the infamous incident suggested.

An excerpt:

Despite his scars, Whittington bears no ill will toward Cheney. He calls him "a very capable and honorable man" and adds, "He's said some very kind things to me."

But did Cheney ever say in private what he didn't say in public? Did he ever apologize?

Whittington, who has been talking about his life and career for hours, suddenly draws silent.

"I'm not going to go into that," he says sharply after a short pause.

Harry Whittington is too gracious to say it out loud, but he doesn't dispute the notion, either.

Nearly five years on, he's still waiting for Dick Cheney to say he's sorry.