GOP Holds Stable Lead In Swing Districts: NBC News/WSJ Poll : It's All Politics A new Wall Street Journal/NBC poll shows the GOP with a stable lead with less than two weeks to go. In the 92 congressional districts considered competitive, Republicans had a seven percentage point advantage.

GOP Holds Stable Lead In Swing Districts: NBC News/WSJ Poll

A new WSJ/NBC News poll adds to the sense that House GOP leader John Boehner could soon have a new title. Morry Gash/AP hide caption

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Morry Gash/AP

More polling data out Wednesday strongly suggest that Republicans are perfectly poised to take control of the House after the election in two weeks.

A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll indicates that if Democrats are narrowing the enthusiasm gap in the nearly 100 congressional districts considered competitive, that movement didn't show up in the new poll.

As Jonathan Weisman writes for The Wall Street Journal:

Among likely voters, Republicans hold a 50% to 43% edge, up from a three-percentage-point lead a month ago.

In the broader category of registered voters, 46% favor a Democratic-controlled Congress, compared with 44% who want Republican control. But in the 92 House districts considered most competitive, the GOP's lead among registered voters is 14 points, underscoring the Democrats' challenge in maintaining their hold on the House. The poll of 1,000 registered voters was taken Oct. 14-18.

A recent NPR poll offered a little more hope for Democrats competing for these districts, suggesting that incumbent Democrats might be helped by slightly rising disapproval ratings for House Republicans.

But no one should kid themselves. Democrats would much rather have the favorable polling results Republicans are seeing now.