George Bush The Decider Calls Bailout Easy Choice : It's All Politics Ex-President Bush called it an easy decision to approve bank bailouts to prevent a collapse.
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George Bush The Decider Calls Bailout Easy Choice

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Scott M. Lieberman/AP Photo

It's rare to find a conservative Republican these days who will defend the financial bailouts. But there's at least one in Texas who does — former President George W. Bush.

Bush spoke at the University of Texas at Tyler last night where he gave a sold-out audience something of a preview of his presidential memoir: "Decision Points."

According a report in the

Bush said he sat in the White House with his economic advisors Henry Paulson and Ben Bernanke three weeks into the economic downturn.

He said Bernanke told him, “If you don't do something significant, you're likely to see a depression greater than the Great Depression.”

“Depression, no depression,” Bush said. “It wasn't that hard for me, just so you know. I made the decision to use your money to prevent the collapse from happening.”

From the report, it appears Bush maintained his nearly two years of silence on his White House successor, President Obama.

And he still has that self-deprecating sense of humor. Another excerpt from the TylerPaper in which Bush says of his book:

“This will come as a shock to some people in our country who didn't think I could read a book, much less write one,” he quipped.