Chris Coons Defeats Christine O'Donnell In Delaware: CNN, AP : It's All Politics Coons' victory over O'Donnell was expected and a vindication for the GOP establishment which warned that she was a weak candidate and rued the loss of a Senate seat the party could have picked up.

Chris Coons Defeats Christine O'Donnell In Delaware: CNN, AP

Democrat Chris Coons will be the next U.S. Senator from Delaware, according to the Associated Press and CNN.

The Delaware race was one of the most watched in the nation, mostly because of the colorfulness of Christine O'Donnell, the Republican nominee who famously said in her ad that she was not a witch.

Coons' apparently big victory tracked with polling which gave Coons a double-digit lead from pretty much the time O'Donnell became her party's nominee.

The result is a defeat not just for O'Donnell, who was supported by the Tea Party movement, but for Sarah Palin, who through her support behind O'Donnell in late in the GOP primary.

Palin's support helped O'Donnell defeat moderate Republican Rep. Mike Castle, a very popular figure in the state who had a significant lead on Coons in the polls.

Before O'Donnell's primary victory, Delaware was seen as a state Republicans would pick up, getting closer to the ten seat gain they needed to take control of the Senate.

The result was a vindication of Karl Rove and other members of the Republican establishment who said O'Donnell was a bad candidate who would cost the GOP the seat.

O'Donnell's defeat will also be seen as a loss for us in the media who have gotten a lot of mileage from stories about her. She was rarely dull.