Dr. Rand Paul Wins Senate In Kentucky : It's All Politics Paul's victory showed the failure of Conway's negative campaign and another Tea Party victory.
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Dr. Rand Paul Wins Senate In Kentucky

Republican Dr. Rand Paul will be the new senator from Kentucky, beating Democrat Jack Conway.

Paul had maintained a significant lead in the polls for weeks coming into Election Day.

Despite Conway's controversial attempt to raise questions about Paul's Christianity by running a negative ad about a sacrilegious club the Republican belonged to in college, the Democrat wasn't able to get any traction. Indeed, it will be interesting to see from the exit polling if Conway actually hurt himself by running the ad.

Paul is another victory for the Tea Party movement which strongly supported him. His win was yet another signal to the Republican establishment that it will have to contend with an insurgency that won't march in lockstep with what the party officials want.

The victory also demonstrates that many voters were willing to overlook the controversial statements and positions of a candidate in order to send a message to Washington. For instance, Paul had stated doubts about civil rights and advocated for higher deductible medical insurance.