Name This Democratic Debacle : It's All Politics What are we going to call this historic loss by the Democrats? The 2006 GOP loss was "the thumpin' " which became the title of a book about how Rahm Emanuel led Democrats to their now lost majority.
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Name This Democratic Debacle

After Republicans lost the House and Senate in the 2006 midterm election, President Bush, at his post-election news conference, dubbed the hurt the Democrats put on Republicans "a thumpin."

A friend of mine, Naftali Bendavid, later used that as the title of his book about how Rahm Emanuel led Democrats to their soon-to-be erstwhile majority.

President Obama is scheduled to hold his post news conference at 1 pm Eastern Time. Will he come up with a colorful descriptive for tonight's expected but still dispiriting (for Democrats) losses?

If he doesn't, what should we call this? How about the whuppin'? Or the drubbin'? And is it really necessary to drop the "g" at the end?

Maybe it's the beatdown? It just seems in fairness, we should come up with a catchy name for this Democratic rout since turnabout is fair play. Feel free to leave your suggestions.