INCUMBENTS: A List Of Democrats Ousted : It's All Politics So far, 34 Democratic incumbents have been defeated. On the list are some long-term Democratic incumbents like committee chairs Paul Kanjorski of Pennsylvania and John Spratt of South Carolina.
NPR logo UPDATED: Democratic Casualties Aplenty: A List

UPDATED: Democratic Casualties Aplenty: A List

Updated at 4:30 am ET -- With 14 House races still not called as of this hour, Republicans so far have gained nearly five dozen seats -- more than they needed to send Speaker Nancy Pelosi packing.

We have compiled an incomplete casualty list that so far includes 38 incumbent Democrats. Republicans also won a number of open seats.

One Republican, Louisiana's Joseph Cao, lost his seat representing a very Democratic district.

Here's a working list of ousted Democrats:

John Adler, D-NJ
John Bocierri, D-OH
Rick Boucher, D-VA
Allen Boyd, D-FL
Bobby Bright, D-AL
Christopher Carney, D-PA
Travis Childers, D-MS
Kathy Dalhkemper, D-PA
Lincoln Davis, D-TN
Steve Driehaus, D-OH
Chet Edwards, D-TX
Bill Foster, D-IL
Alan Grayson, D-FL
Debbie Halvorson, D-IL
Baron Hill, D-IN
Paul Kanjorski, D-PA
Mary Jo Kilroy, D-OH
Ann Kirkpatrick, D-AZ
Suzanne Kosmas, D-FL
Frank Kratovil, D-MD
Betsy Markey, D-CO
Jim Marshall, D-GA
Harry Mitchell, D-AZ
Patrick Murphy, D-PA
Glenn Nye, D-VA
Tom Perriello, D-VA
Earl Pomeroy, D-ND
Ciro Rodriguez, D-TX
Salazar, D-CO
Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, D-SD
Carol Shea-Porter, D-NH
Mark Schauer, D-MI
Ike Skelton, D-MO
Zack Space, D-OH
John Spratt, D-SC
Gene Taylor, D-MS
Harry Teague, D NM
Charlie Wilson, D-OH

Some of the races that were seen as bellwethers in terms of how big this wave would be are Patrick Murphy and Paul Kanjorski in Pennsylvania and John Spratt in South Carolina. Kanjorski and Spratt were committee chairs. Murphy was the first Iraq veteran to be elected to the House.