Pat Quinn Wins Illinois Governor's Race: AP : It's All Politics The AP called Gov. Pat Quinn the victor in Illinois after its analysis showed his nearly 20,000 vote lead in the governor's race was too much for opponent State Sen. Bill Brady to overcome.
NPR logo Pat Quinn Wins Illinois Governor's Race: AP

Pat Quinn Wins Illinois Governor's Race: AP

Gov. Pat Quinn, a Democrat, shaking hands at Manny's, a Chicago delicatessen popular with politicians.  M. Spencer Green/AP Photo hide caption

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The governor's race in Illinois appears finally over with the Associated Press on Thursday reporting that Gov. Pat Quinn, the Democrat, had an insurmountable lead over Republican Bill Brady, a state senator.

Quinn, who had a 19,400 vote lead over Brady, was declared the winner by the AP after the news service analyzed absentee and provisional ballots and determined that there weren't enough votes left for Brady to overcome Quinn's lead.

Brady said he won't concede, however, until all the votes are officially counted.

Quinn, who's been governor since Rod Blagojevich was forced out after being impeached and removed from office on corruption charges by the Illinois legislature, was hurt by having served as Blagojevich's lieutenant governor.

That was ironic considering Quinn's established an early reputation in politics for being a political reformer in a state with a history of ignoring or ridiculing them.

His win robs Republicans of another gubernatorial pick up. Republicans gained 20 governorships on Tuesday, giving the party a total of 37 governors. In ten of those wins, Republicans won governors' offices that currently held by Democrats.