Allen West Loses Radio Host Who Called Pelosi 'Garbage' : It's All Politics The controversial Laura Kaufman said she wouldn't be used in an "electronic lynching" of West. A violent threat on Wednesday related to Kaufman led to the lockdown of Broward County schools in South Florida.
NPR logo Allen West Loses Radio Host Who Called Pelosi 'Garbage'

Allen West Loses Radio Host Who Called Pelosi 'Garbage'

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Joyce Kaufman, the controversial Florida radio host Republican congressman-elect Allen West had hired to be his chief of staff, won't be coming to Washington after all.

It's unclear whether Kaufman, who recently referred to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other senior Democrats as "garbage" was disinvited by West or resigned on her own.

Also unclear is whether the House Republican leadership played a role.

What's more certain is that the news that she's not coming to Washington defuses a situation which was growing uglier by the minute.

Kaufman's appointment by West was possibly linked according to law enforcement officials to a threat of violence that caused authorities to lock down Broward County schools Wednesday.

As the Miami Herald reported:

Radio host Joyce Kaufman, whose comments may have triggered a threat against Broward County schools, has announced she won't become chief of staff for conservative Congressman-elect Allen West. Meanwhile the phone call warning of the attack that led to a three-hour lockdown has been traced to a caller outside South Florida, Pembroke Pines Police said Thursday.

Kaufman said she didn't want to tarnish West's reputation.

``I will not be used in an electronic lynching by proxy,'' Kaufman said Thursday.

An electronic lynching must kind of be like that "high-tech lynching" Justice Clarence Thomas in 1991 accused his opponents of subjecting him to.