Rep. Bean Concedes Ill. Race To GOP's Walsh : It's All Politics Rep. Melissa Bean, a three-term Democrat from the Cook County suburbs in Illinois who won a longtime GOP seat in 2004, has conceded to longshot candidate Joe Walsh (R), backed by Tea Party activists.
NPR logo Rep. Melissa Bean (D-Illinois 08) Concedes Defeat; GOP Net Gain Up To 61 Seats

Rep. Melissa Bean (D-Illinois 08) Concedes Defeat; GOP Net Gain Up To 61 Seats

Add another House result that few saw coming.

Rep. Melissa Bean, a Democrat who ousted longtime GOP incumbent Phil Crane in 2004 and was thought to be on her way to nailing down this seat in northwest Cook County, has conceded defeat to Joe Walsh (R), who was backed by Tea Party activists.

Walsh, outspent by about a 3-to-1 margin, won by fewer than 300 votes out of 200,000 ballots cast -- a difference of less than two-tenths of one percent.

That puts the Republican net gain in the House at 61 votes, with three more pickups a strong possibility.

Still yet to be called:

The Senate race in Alaska, where incumbent Lisa Murkowski, having been denied renomination in the August GOP primary by Joe Miller, ran a write-in campaign and is leading Miller;

the gubernatorial contest in Minnesota, where former Sen. Mark Dayton (D) leads Tom Emmer (R);

and six additional House seats, held by Democratic incumbents Jerry McNerney (CA 11), Jim Costa (CA 20), Ben Chandler (KY 06), Tim Bishop (NY 01), Dan Maffei (NY 25) and Solomon Ortiz (TX 27).

McNerney, Costa and Chandler hold narrow leads; Bishop, Maffei and Ortiz are trailing.