How Obama Could Regain His Mojo (Or Not) : It's All Politics Obama gets more goofy advice about getting his mojo back from Slate's readers, as people continue to mock a recent Washington Post column in which two Washington insiders suggested he announce that he's not running for a second term.
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How Obama Could Regain His Mojo (Or Not)

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In response to a stunningly strangeĀ Washington Post column last week by two Washington insiders that President Obama could seal a legacy of greatness for himself by promising now to not seek a second term, Dave Weigel over at Slate wrote a very funny column last week laying to waste that idea.

After suggesting some of his own patently ridiculous advice to the president (Obama should kill Khalid Sheik Muhammed with his bare hands) heĀ asked readers to share their own outrageous proposals for how the president could get back his mojo.

Weigel shared some of the "best" ideas Thursday. This was one of my favorites:

From Ted Getzel: "Obama should go to an Evangelical Church every Sunday with a .pearl handled .44 magnum prominently hanging from his hip. He should also wear tooled leather cowboy boots a ten gallon hat and a fat American Flag belt buckle. This will do much to make up for his "cling" speech in San Francisco and win back the heart of the country. Shooting a few deer at Camp David would be good, as would not pardoning the "National Turkey" for Thanksgiving and instead whipping out a hatchet and cutting its head off on national TV. After all this Iran might give up its nuclear program and bonding with Putin would be a cinch."