Name Your PAC, Courtesy Of Watchdog Group : It's All Politics Sunlight Foundation made a PAC name generator to drive home some key points about political money. One point is to demonstrate just how little we know about these political groups that have multiplied since the Citizens United ruling.

Name Your PAC, Courtesy Of Watchdog Group

The Sunlight Foundation, a Washington, D.C.-based watchdog group, decided to have a little fun while making a serious point, that the massive flow of money into political campaigns and astroturf lobbying efforts has created a dizzying proliferation of groups whose motherhood-and-apple-pie names often don't come close to telling the whole story of what they're actually about.

To drive home this point, Sunlight has created a PAC name generator that allows you to come up with your own clever (or not) PAC name. How about "Anonymous Donors for Different Strokes" or "Agreeable Individuals for Purple Mountains Majesty." You get the picture.

From a Sunlight post that introduces the name generator:

The Citizens United Supreme Court ruling that led to the explosion of independent expenditures in the midterm elections also spurred a growing list of meaningless titles for organizations. Here at the Sunlight Foundation we will continue to advocate for strong disclosure laws, but we also thought we could have some fun with these vacuous names that simply serve as filing fodder. As we trolled through the spending records from the midterm elections we were shocked at how many people seem to $peak out in favor of common sense, families and the future! Political Action Committees often have bizarre names, but as more and more groups pop up to shield the identity of the donors, the names seem to get even more off topic.

Take the generator for a test drive. It's a diversion with a cause.