Elizabeth Edwards Deserved Better : It's All Politics After battling breast cancer for years, Elizabeth Edwards succumbed to the disease on Tuesday.  Having lost a teenage son to an automobile accident, and having endured the public humiliation of her philandering husband, she never lost her dignity.

Elizabeth Edwards Deserved Better

It is sad to watch anyone go through the trauma and pain of cancer.

It was especially sad watching it happen to Elizabeth Edwards.

We can talk about all the tragedies in her life.  Certainly, there can't be anything worse than the loss of a child.  Then, of course, there was her faithless husband.  And there was constant sniping at her from anonymous sources.  Anyone who read "Game Change," the book by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin, couldn't help notice the very negative portrait of her; it described her as churlish, rude and vindictive.

It was not pleasant to read.

She also inspired many women who have suffered through breast cancer.  Anyone who knew her was struck by her eternal optimism.

Elizabeth Edwards died this morning.  She was 61 years old.  You can read Adam Hochberg's superb obit here.

I feel overtaken by a sense of overwhelming sadness.