Obama Boosts Image With Indies, GOP Moderates: Gallup : It's All Politics A new Gallup tracking poll suggests Obama's effort to win over independent voters is working. The survey indicated that Obama's ratings with moderate or liberal Republicans rose 9 percentage points in just two weeks.
NPR logo Obama Boosts Image With Indies, GOP Moderates: Gallup

Obama Boosts Image With Indies, GOP Moderates: Gallup

A new Gallup Poll suggests that President Obama's effort to increase his appeal to center-left Republicans and independent voters by showing a willingness to compromise with congressional Republicans may be working.

The tracking poll indicated that Obama's approval rating with such voters jumped by 9 percentage points in only a few weeks.

True, it rose to a still low 29 percent. But that's still significantly above where it was and it's clearly trending in the right direction from the White House's point of view.

According to the poll, Obama's approval with voters in his party's liberal base hovered at around 80 percent, unchanged from recent polling and down from where it had been earlier in the year.

But, said Gallup's Lydia Saad:

In contrast, Obama's approval rating among moderate/liberal Republicans (including independents who lean Republican) has increased in December, rising from 20% to 29% in just the past two weeks. This is his highest level of support from moderate/liberal Republicans since May.

Obama's overall approval rating with voters of all ideological stripes for the week ended Dec. 19, the 100th week of his presidency, was at 46 percent, Saad wrote. That was essentially the same as during the prior week.

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