Newt Gingrich Launches Website To Explore White House Bid : It's All Politics By exploring a run, Gingrich can raise and spend cash, reporting details only if he goes forward. He set up a web site to take donations.
NPR logo Newt Gingrich Launches Website To Explore White House Bid

Newt Gingrich Launches Website To Explore White House Bid

A day after being suspended by Fox News as a contributor until he states definitively that he's either running for the White House or not, the former House speaker did nothing of the sort.

Instead, on Thursday, during a visit to the Georgia Statehouse, he announced he has a website. He also delivered the rhetorical equivalent of Muzak.

"We believe that America's best years are actually ahead of us. We believe that it is possible through the right policies with the right values to create dramatically more jobs with dramatically higher incomes."
Gingrich web site screenshot.

NPR's Peter Overby reported on Gingrich's move, such as it was, for All Things Considered.

Gingrich will use his new website to test the waters to gauge just how much excitement there is in the country for a Gingrich presidency.

Because he's just exploring whether to run, under federal election law he can raise and spend money and never has to disclose details unless he actually decides to run at some point.

A new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll put him at 13 percent, right with Sarah Palin's 12 percent and significantly behind Mike Huckabee's 25 percent.

Much better for Gingrich was a Gallup Poll from January that showed him trailing second to Huckabee among Republicans in favorability. So he has reason to hope.