LISTEN: Sanders Jokes About Trump Helicopter : It's All Politics Donald Trump departed from the Iowa State Fair Saturday in his personal helicopter. Down on the ground, Bernie Sanders gave a teasing apology to his supporters.

LISTEN: Sanders Jokes About Trump Helicopter

It was a hectic day at the Iowa State Fair. Thousands crowded around as Donald Trump and other candidates toured the fairgrounds. So many people crowded the area where the famed butter cow was that Trump wasn't even able to go visit it.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., was also there. And around the same time Trump wrapped up his visit — and circled the airspace with his helicopter — Sanders had this reaction:

"Well, there's Donald Trump ... "

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"I apologize; we left the helicopter at home," said Sanders, who has made income inequality a top issue in his campaign. "It's in the garage," he added to laughter.

For the record, NPR's Don Gonyea points out it was not Trump's helicopter that was overhead at that moment, but Trump was in the air at around the same time.