Thanks. : Krulwich Wonders... A group of young men gather at the spot where a loved one was killed, and perform a 'thank you' dance tribute to their friend.
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This is the day we give thanks. That is why I want to share this video.

Four friends are gathered on a street corner in East Oakland, California, at the very spot where the half brother of one of them was killed a few days before. It's raining. They are there to remember their friend. They do this, dancing. That is their way, I guess, of saying 'thank you' to the one who is no longer there. At the end of the dance, they say thank you to each other. To them, I say thank you for a celebration so fierce and so tender that it took my breath away.

Yak Films YouTube

These dancers call themselves Turf Feinz.

They are:

  • No Noize in the red jacket.
  • BJ is wearing the striped shirt.
  • Man has on the black jacket.
  • Dreal, in the white shirt, is the half brother of Rich D, the young man who was killed.

The video was produced by YAK Films. Their website has more.