Pun Fun : Krulwich Wonders... Most punsters play with words, but Gemma Correll, a "comic-making person," as she refers to herself, draws whimsical, half-literal sketches.

Pun Fun

I can think of puns. Or I can show you puns. Let me show you Gemma's.


Most punsters play with the sound of words, but Gemma Correll does it with pen on paper.

gangsta wrap

She's an illustrator, or as she puts it, "a comic-making person," and she has this habit of thinking about things a beat too long, which gets her in happy trouble.

fantastic / rubbish

Some of our best writers, Shakespeare, Plautus, Oscar Wilde and most recently George Carlin, could knock out plays-on-words like the Babe would hit homers. And Gemma, while a rookie, is showing real promise.

humble pie

If you go to her website, you don't want to miss "Canada Geese,"

"Spoiled Milk," "The Seal of Approval," "Lazy Bones," "Rotten Apple,"

Or "Know Your Onions."

Gemma lives in Norwich, Great Britain, with a pet dog named Pickle. (At least from her blog, I think Pickle, sometimes called "Mr. P." is a dog, though when you visit her site, it's so thick with cats, I can't imagine her as a dog person.) When asked why her illustrations look the way they do, she says, "I hire a five year old to do all my work for me. I pay him in fudge. His name is Alan." Her favorite word, she says, is "Albuquerque."

Of course. So's mine.