A Supersilly Super Bowl 'What If ... ?' : Krulwich Wonders... It's getting close to Super Bowl time, so here's a little fantasy. What would happen if a British sports announcer who has no idea how American football works (not a clue) were suddenly thrown on the air and had to do play-by-play for a game between Alabama and Notre Dame? He knows nothing. What would he say?
NPR logo A Supersilly Super Bowl 'What If ... ?'

A Supersilly Super Bowl 'What If ... ?'

We're only a few Sundays shy of the big game, so here's a Super Bowl warm-up video, a "What if ... ?"

What if a sportscaster from Britain who knows absolutely nothing about American football — whose only expertise is in rugby — were thrown on the air during an important semi-final game between Alabama and Notre Dame and had to make instant sense of what he saw? Things like first downs, field goals, umpire uniforms, and flags on the play are totally new to him.

If he had to do play-by-play off the cuff, what would he say? Well, if the world were gloriously, happily nutty, here's how it might go:

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If you'd like to see what this same gang at the Exploding Heads did to American baseball, check it here. Thank you, Jason Kottke, whose blog is where I found both.