Expanding The NPR Brand, Mom By Mom : Krulwich Wonders... What's a "blog?" What's an "NPR?" How do you put a picture on the radio? Cartoonist Connie Sun tries to explain to her mom. (I'm not sure it worked.)

Expanding The NPR Brand, Mom By Mom

The other day, I wrote a post about a cartoonist, Connie Sun, and her thoughts about animals. Her mom heard about it, and called Connie to say "Yea!" and then, because she's an honest woman, she asked, "What is NPR?" Here's what happened next:

I have this conversation all the time. So many people are not aware that NPR writes things, "posts" things. But we are spreading the word. (Going from "What is NPR?" to "NPR is blogs?" — that's progress, I think. No?)