Not Just Another Day at the Office : As A Matter Of Fact Singing for Obama
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Not Just Another Day at the Office

Before coming to work on inauguration day in my role as research librarian, I had the unique opportunity to see close-up the key players in the day's events — at the private church service for the new administration. As a member of the professional choir at St. John's Episcopal Church, I got to sing for the President-elect and his family, friends, and administration officials.

Numerous faiths participated in the service, offering blessings and prayers. Bishop T.D. Jakes gave the sermon, making the comparison between Mr. Obama and the Old Testament story of the three young men going into the fiery furnace.

The President-elect looked calm and cool throughout and, at the end of the service, as he turned his head to view the Bishop delivering the benediction, the sunlight shone through the door and hit his face in such a way that it looked like he truly was "the chosen one". It gave me pause....

I left the church and walked through the barricaded streets to NPR to witness more of history-in-the-making from my desk.