Betta Phine Who? Beta Phi Mu : As A Matter Of Fact NPR Librarians host local Beta Phi Mu gathering.
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Betta Phine Who? Beta Phi Mu

Monday night, NPR librarians hosted the annual meeting of the local chapter of Beta Phi Mu, the international honor society of library science. Yes, it's a science, and we have advanced degrees! It's a great organization to belong to.

Usually, our professional activities involve primarily other news librarians who share our specific interests, but in Beta Phi Mu, we meet librarians we would otherwise probably never cross paths with. So we get to chat with public librarians, and children's lit specialists, and researchers at government agencies or law firms. They're all great people and they all have fascinating jobs. I'm not kidding — I rarely meet a librarian who doesn't love going to work every day.

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