Broadcast Librarian Moving On To Urban Pastures : As A Matter Of Fact Farewell wishes to Amy the Broadcast Librarian
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Broadcast Librarian Moving On To Urban Pastures

It was September 2004 when Amy DeCicco first arrived at NPR. She was our fresh-faced music intern who spent months cataloging such illustrious titles as Babbachichuija by Tom Waits and Hag's Christmas by Merle Haggard. As luck would have it, Amy's internship ended just as a position opened in the Broadcast Library. Three grammar tests, two phone interviews, and one formal job offer later, Amy officially became an NPR Broadcast Librarian.

Since then, Amy has cataloged thousands of NPR stories, answered countless audio reference questions, organized the entire spoken word collection, written reams of documentation, and made major contributions to the online content management system. Not only has Amy done all these things, she's done all these things to near perfection. Last month, Amy landed a great taxonomy gig with an uber-crafty and cool web company located deep in the heart of Brooklyn, a place she's been longing to live. So, from all of us, we'd like to wish you the very best luck in your new venture, Miss Amy D. We'll miss you!