Getting Baked : As A Matter Of Fact Our carts could always use a little more decoration.
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Getting Baked

by Hannah Sommers

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Hannah Sommers

I recently spotted this sticker in a local bakery and had to ask for an extra for our rocked-out library cart. It's even more appropriate since baking is a process we're familiar with in our archive. Over time some reel-to-reel tapes absorb moisture, leading to sticky shed syndrome. Exposing the tapes to the drying environment of a lab oven stabilizes the tapes long enough to create a digital copy. So, we bake.

In fact, our sassy tape transporting cart is showing its age, so it's time to start thinking about grooming another to take its place. Do you have a sticker that needs to live on an NPR library cart? If so, go ahead and send it our way!
(That's: NPR c/o Broadcast Library; 635 Massachusetts Ave NW; Washington DC; 20001.)

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Hannah Sommers