Gone Fishing For Interns : As A Matter Of Fact Discover intern stories of past and present
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Gone Fishing For Interns

Every summer many talented interns descend upon Washington, DC, for 10 weeks of (hopefully) life-changing experiences.

The summer "class" of interns at NPR are ending their time here this week. Every "class" is given the opportunity to produce their own 30-minute radio show, called Intern Edition and premiere it for the NPR staff. This year actually marks the 10th Anniversary of the Intern Edition program here at NPR.

Being a former intern, I wondered what kind of intern stories has NPR featured in the past?

Of course in the late '90s Monica Lewinsky was the intern who made the news, and then Chandra Levy followed her a few years later.

There have been stories on the stress that medical interns endure, and on what good internships are out there. Often times you will hear the interns read a show's credits or an actual story produced by an intern such as Claire Happel's piece.

But what I was looking for was that real quintessential intern piece -- which I found courtesy of All Things Considered from last May.

ATC's intern Tara Tisch-Wallace sang the lyrics of a graduation speech written by an NPR listener.

Everyone here in the Library wishes our interns -- Alexandra, Sonoe, & Katie-Rose -- best wishes in their future endeavors!