Do Say 'Sarah Sanders'; Don't Say 'We' : Memmos Reporters sometimes refer to the White House press secretary as Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Other times, they say Sarah Sanders. We asked her which to use.
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Do Say 'Sarah Sanders'; Don't Say 'We'

The White House press secretary has confirmed for us that she should be referred to as Sarah Sanders, not Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Here's some more evidence on that point:

- Sanders' Twitter page.

- White House press releases.

From now on, let's be consistent and refer to her as Sarah Sanders.

In other reference-related news, when discussing issues such as tariffs, troop deployments and environmental regulations, do not use pronouns such as "we" or "our" to describe what U.S. policymakers are doing. "We" – that is NPR News – report about those matters. "We" don't make policies or decisions. They are made by "U.S. officials," "the Trump administration," "the Pentagon" or others.