Please Help Us Find A Name : Planet Money Our team has been working behind the scenes for months to build NPR's new narrative approach to global economics coverage.
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Please Help Us Find A Name

Our team has been working behind the scenes for months to build NPR's new narrative approach to global economics coverage.

We have one of the best radio stories I've heard in a long time ready to put on the air.

We have five lovely podcasts ready for your iPod, including one in which my 25-year-old college dropout cousin and an international business expert make me look like both a snob and an idiot.

We have three awesome videos, including one of a Marxist money manager (no joke, he manages many millions) giving a tour of Greenwich Village and telling us which parts Karl Marx would like and which he'd hate.

We are ready to go.

But we can't go. We can't be on the radio or start our podcast or launch our video stories until we have a name.

Help us, please, find a name for our new team approach to economic and business coverage.

We want a name that gets across the idea that we are going to tell stories--on the air, on the web, text, video, audio--that help the average non-expert understand and enjoy the great economic dramas of our time.

We are taking the constant torrent of confusing economic data and placing it in lovely narratives that make the issues crystal clear and the drama, well, dramatic.

We are going to be funny, when we can. Poignant sometimes.

You could call it This American Life meets NPR's business desk. Literally.

In short, when people ask, "what does that mean? About the Federal Reserve and the Chinese exchange rate? And why should I care?" We are the ones you turn to because we'll answer the question and we'll have some fun doing it.

Some rough guidelines:

Short. The name will also be our URL and our iTunes Podcast name.

Not trademarked. Don't worry about that. We've got lawyers.

Sayable. This will be said on the radio and people will then (we hope) type it into their browser. So, homophones aren't ideal.

We are NOT a financial advice site. No personal finance. No investment tips. Just good, journalistic stories about how the global economy works and how it changes the lives of Americans and people around the world.

Please put suggested names and questions in the comments or send to

We originally went with Global Pool of Money, because we used it once already to good effect.

Then we settled on World of Money, but our lawyers told us that's trademarked and we'll probably get sued.

So, we've been brainstorming like mad and we need help.

Here's what we've got so far:

Money Pile
Businesstime (c'mon, it's funny!)
Mean Green
Wealth of Nations
The Flow of Funds
Money World

money for all
sound of money
money edition
give me it
end of the rainbow
globaly thingy
all that glitters
two bits
economica galactica
value creation
money money
the bubble
money go round
M team
money squad
buy me love
follow the money
the money trails


Tales from the new silk road
Silk road stories
Silk road tales
Spice route
The new silk road
The new spice route
Silk and spice
Global bazaar
New bazaar
Bazaar tales
Bazaar stories
Explaining the bazaar
Explaining silk and spice
The bazaar, explained
Global emporium
Emporium Tales
Stories from the global emporium
World emporium
Story Traders
Story Peddlers
Trader tales
Import and export
Global exchange
World exchange
Give me some change
Big change
Big exchange
The big exchange
Follow the Money
Big Global Purse

Cities on the Silk Road or Spice Route
Axum (early trading kingdom)

The global camel
The Camel
Wandering Camel
The New Global Camel
Global Caravan
The Caravanserai
The Traveler's Inn

Tales of Trade

Supply Chain

Village Fair

Traders and Financiers
Mercury (god of trade)
Hermes (also god of trade)

Trade route
Via Maris
Hanseatic League
The Herring Trade
Wagon Train
Camel Train
Wagons and Camels
World Wide Wagon Train
Free Trade Area
Prevailing Winds
Sea Lanes and Camel Trains
Port of Call
Port of Tales
Global Port
The World's Ports
Story Port
Port of the World
Ports and Exports
Port Exploits


Tales of Trade

Venture Narratives
Traveling Salesman
Traveling Storytellers

Legal Tender
Tally Stick
Bills of Exchange

The Gold Standard


Means of Exchange
Appian Way


Story Cartel

Money And the World
The World And Its Money
The World's Money

The Power of Money
Money Power
Power Money

Dollars and Sense
Sensible Dollars
Sensible Money

Cowry Shells
Cowry shells and Banker Bonds

The Color of Money

Ticker Symbol
The Ticker

Economics You Can Relate To
The Clarity Crew
Team Clarity
Team Clear

The Clinking, Clanking Sound
A Buck or A Pound

Power of Money
Power And Money
Money as Driver
Money Talks
Give me the Money
In Circulation
The Money Exchange
Currency Exchange
Explaining Money
Clear Money
The Sound of Money
Money Talks
Money Makes The World Go Round
The World Go Around
The Life of Money
The Continents of Money
The Money Continents
The World of Wealth
The Money Planet
As the World Churns
Trade Tales
Money Talks
Making the World go round
The Merry Go Round of Money
Can't Buy Me Love
The Wonderful World of Money
The Hidden World of Trade
X Change
Spare Change
Stories of Spare Change
The Money Web
The World Wide Web of Trade
Tales from the World Wide Web of Trade
The Global Wallet
Moneydynamics (or some other play on thermodynamics or another scientific word for transfer of energy)
Adam and the Giant Money Pool (I didn't come up with that, I swear)

Layman's Terms
Layman's Tales
Plain Speak
Trade Winds
Trade Tales

Bottom Line
Ready Money
Real Money
World Class
Money Talks
The Margin

The Economy Explained
The Economy, Clearly