Catch It This Weekend: 'Naked Short Selling' : Planet Money For our next radio miracle, Alex Blumberg delves into "naked short selling" on This American Life.

Catch It This Weekend: 'Naked Short Selling'

It sounds a tad obscene, and maybe it is. This weekend, contributing editor Alex Blumberg hits the airwaves and podcast pools of the world with a This American Life segment on "naked short selling" — an arcane financial maneuver that would seem to make no sense.

I heard the rough mix of Alex's piece in an edit some weeks back. It's called "Now You S.E.C. Me, Now You Don't." I'm here to tell you that the segment makes loads of sense. The practice, well ...

So give it a listen, if you'd be so kind. It plays live this weekend and goes to iTunes on Monday. We're also planning to have it here next week. Let us know what you think, will ya?