'Dear President Obama' : Planet Money What would you have the new president do to fix the economy?
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'Dear President Obama'

America was going to get a new president, and now we know that new president is Democrat Barack Obama.

The 44th president-elect has a whole lot on his plate, including the administration of the $700 billion TARP bailout, the precipitous drop in consumer spending, increasing layoffs in the workplace, an automobile industry in tatters, and an economy that now appears headed not just for two consecutive quarters of shrinking (recession?) but for deflation -- one of economists' worst nightmares.

Consider this your place to sound off on what incoming President Obama should do. What do you think his economic and fiscal priorities should be? What programs or strategies would you favor over others? Would you cut spending or raise taxes, or both? What spending would you cut, and whom would you tax more?

Hit the comments, please. We'll be looking for people to share their ideas on the podcast today. (The audio is in. Click for it, or subscribe to the podcast.)